Brands We Sell

Brands We SellBrands We Sell

Spa Alana carries a variety of top-quality brands at fair prices to meet your unique skin care needs.  In fact, the list of brands we sell at Spa Alana is far too long to write out!  With such an amazing variety of product lines on offer, Spa Alana is able to customize products and services to each of its valued customers, ensuring they receive the most beneficial, targeted treatment for their distinct skin care needs and desires.

What Brand is Best for You?

Offering countless lines with a seemingly unlimited number of products, Spa Alana gives you options.  So if you’d like to try something new, that won’t be a problem.  If you’d rather go with something you’re familiar with, chances are Spa Alana has it in stock.  Or if you’d rather listen to the recommendations of one of the knowledgable skin care experts at Spa Alana, they’re wealth of knowledge and experience along with the vast array of products is sure to lead you in the right direction.

Personally Tested and Approved

Each product line carried by Spa Alana has been researched, tested, and approved by Alana herself.  Rather than trust the claims of brands who have an interest in selling their product, Alana values personal experimentation, allowing her to offer firsthand advice to her customers and to ensure that only top-quality, effective products are sold at Spa Alana.

Here are just a few of the brands we sell at Spa Alana:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Spa Alana estheticians and product experts will be happy to navigate you through the seemingly endless list of brands we sell to ensure you receive the best skin care treatments and products possible.

About Alana Mitchell

Alana Mitchell is a licensed esthetician and skincare fanatic, devoted wife, and loving mother. Alana owns Spa Alana in Dana Point, CA and has become world famous for her personal approach to selling beauty products online.

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